Pastor David Moari

I was born in a pagan family in 1967 at a small village in northern Ghana—West Africa.

At a very young age a Baptist White Missionary and his wife from America came to my village and started a church. He was called Rev. Greene. He and his wife dressed our sores, gave us candies and peanuts and taught us songs and bible stories. I was too young to understand the full gospel of Christ, but the love of the missionary and his wife instilled in my heart a great love for the ~good God of the white man~ that superseded that of my father’s idol gods. I went to church every week to get some gifts from Rev. Greene and his wife and to listen to bible stories. When I was about 12 years I started reading the bible. One day I read the story of Samuel. I read about how the Lord spoke to Samuel. I realized that there was a different God apart from the pagan gods of my dad. My desire to know this God who could speak became so great in my heart. I did not know how to pray well but I remember within me I would always meditate that I want to know the true living God who spoke to Samuel.


Though we had religious education lessons in school I never heard about how one could be saved through Jesus Christ until I was 18 years. I left home and traveled to the southern part of the country to look for a job to enable me enroll back in school. I met a friend who was a Christian. He took me home and gave me accommodation. I started attending church with him. I heard the good news one day in church and gave my life to Christ. Praise the Lord! I was born again. I became a child of God.

I started working on people’s farms. I saved some money and enrolled again in a Christian college to continue my studies. I graduated in 1991 and went back to my village. I got a job as a High School teacher and also preached regularly at a Baptist Church.


While I was carrying out my teaching job and doing village evangelism, I felt a great burden to preach the gospel in the neglected areas in the northern part of Ghana where pagan and Moslem worship dominate, and to share the love of Christ with the numerous orphans and destitute children in the area. The Lord impressed this vision in my heart several times through Psalms 82.3—4; ~Defend the poor and fatherless; do justice to the afflicted and needy. Deliver the poor and needy; rid them out of the hand of the wicked (KJV). The Lord’s call was so clear but it was not easy for me to quit my teaching job and go to the Lord’s vineyard. It took me three years before I could make a final decision. I left my teaching job in 1996 and started my first church with two widows and orphans school in a village. The church grew to over one hundred members within a period of two years. The orphans school had over forty kids. Within a period of three years we planted several churches in rural areas in northern Ghana. Praise God!

Seminary Education

While I was labouring in the villages planting churches, the Lord opened a door in 2001 for me to study at Baptist Theological Seminary in Texas, USA. I was offered a scholarship to pursue a Masters degree in Theology. I graduated in 2003 and returned to Ghana to continue with the Lord’s work in the rural communities.